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Our Story

Real Eyez Beauty Group® was established in 2011 to train beauty industry professionals on innovative beauty techniques.

We stand proudly behind every method developed and taught, every product we design, and every Professional that comes on board to be a part of the Real Eyez Beauty Group® family.

We provide our Professionals continued support and marketing efforts to service their clients all while providing excellent customer service. To date the Real Eyez Beauty Group® has trained over 215 students and counting on this magnificent procedure. 


Shea Gipson, is the Founder of Real Eyez Beauty Group.®  Early in her career, Shea faced the obstacle of starting a business during the inception of the Lash Extension industry with limited funds when no one believed in it, but SHE believed in it!  In 2011, she started the training company, and in 2014, her company expanded it's practice to develop the 3D eyebrow embroidery training program, "Real Brows®". This procedure is also known as Microblading.  At the time there were only whispers that such a procedure was even possible.   So, Shea began making appearances on local shows such as 'Good Morning Texas’ in order to promote this emerging eyebrow enhancement procedure.     

Gipson studied Organizational Communication while attending Queen's University in Charlotte, NC and graduated from Dudley Beauty College Esthetician program.  She is a Licensed Esthetic Instructor and a Registered Medical Assistant.  Shea also has many years of experience in the fashion industry having coordinated fashion shows, styling models, and performing makeup artistry. 


“Real-Eyez Your Beauty”

Shea Gipson|  Founder



"Every journey worth taking has roadblocks and detours"

A detour landed Gipson in Corporate America for 10 years however, Shea walked away with desires to rid herself of political restrictions in order to use her creative freedom.  This leap led herback to the Beauty Industry allotting growth and the limitless ability to utilize her creativity professionally.  It was Shea's accumulation of diverse experience that has provided her the competitive edge she needed to become an innovative pioneer in today's lash and brow industry.  

What makes Shea so great to both students, friends & family is her amazing ability to be herself while connecting with people.  No doubt, "Shea has always had a passion for making women feel good about themselves by enhancing their beauty".  Outside of work she enjoys traveling, meeting new people, and learning about different cultures.  Gipson has a heart for giving back by contributing to the betterment of others, and keeps her goals of philanthropy in the US & the Central America at the top of her mind daily.


Shea Gipson operates as the Real Eyez Beauty Group's® 'Managing Director' overseeing the proper & accurate distribution of her training program both nationally and internationally.  Some of her company's top performing students have been featured in magazines such as Allure, their local news stations, and Shea recently provided an interview to the NY Times herself. 

The company has future plans to launch new procedures in the Fall of 2016 similar to the Real Brows® method for eyeliner, lipliner, and hairline restoration.  The anticipated release of her unique 'Train the Trainer' program has prospective Real Brows® professionals buzzing.  You can join Shea on the journey of realizing your beauty by following Real Eyez Beauty Group® on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram!


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