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Babydoll Lashes® Lash Lift Online Training - $399

Before Lash Lift

Before Lash Lift

After Lash Lift

After Lash Lift

The Babydoll Lashes® Lash Lift is a procedure that straightens, lifts, separates and shapes natural eyelashes. During the Lifting process, eyelashes are extended upwards from root to tip creating a longer, lifted appearance that opens the eyes. Babydoll Lashes® lifting pads are specially designed to lift and extend eyelashes to appear 2x - 3x longer compared to curling them back into a “C” pattern like the old-fashioned perming rods.

  • If you have straight lashes: The Babydoll Lashes® Lash Lift will Lift and Curl

  • If you have overly curly lashes: The Babydoll Lashes® Lash Lift will Straighten and Lift.

A black eyelash tint can be added to enhance the look.

Before and After with black eyelash tint

Before and After with black eyelash tint


The Babydoll Lashes® Lash Lift is an excellent way to give your clients the appearance of longer lashes through a low maintenance curling process, and we're pleased to offer the leading lash lift training course and products since 2011. Our online lash lift training program teaches you the fundamentals you need to know to offer this lash boosting procedure to your clients.  After completing the training video, you can earn your certificate after you submit 5 before and after examples of your work. 

Pre-requisites: Students must be a licensed esthetician or cosmetologist. If you have a question about your credentials, please contact us for help.

Course includes:

  • 6 months of access to our web-based Lash Lift Lashinar®

  • A client waiver and release template

  • An application kit* that will service approximately 35 clients

* Your professional lash lift includes 20 promotional cards to promote the service to your clients, one window or car cling, 25 Silicon Lifting Pad Sets (5 sets of medium, 5 sets of large, 5 Medium 2, 5 Medium 1 and 5 sets of small), a 5 ml transparent water soluble adhesive, lifting lotion (enough for 35 lifts), setting lotion (enough for 35 lifts), nourishing lotion (enough for 35 lifts), 50 sets of under-eye stickers, 50 lint free applicators, 25 disposable eyelash brushes, a 10 ml lash primer (enough for 35 lifts), a digital timer, our lash lift tool, and a downloadable client waiver and release form. Tint is not included in kit. Intensive Lash and Brow Tint sold separately in our product store.

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