Real Brows® Microblading Training - $2900

Includes 2-day course and online training tutorials post-workshop.

The Real Brows® 2-day Hybrid Workshop combines classroom instruction that includes lecture, video tutorials, demonstrations and practical applications of the fundamentals of Microblading and access to 10 online training tutorials when the workshop is completed.  This class is for the confident beauty professional who can process information after demonstrations and hands-on instruction. This candidate is laser-focused, and has the confidence to replicate a technique immediately after instruction and with minimal assistance. Class sizes are small, and are always a on Sunday/Monday. (For online, self-paced training click here.)

For your safety with infection control we require that you complete Bloodborne Pathogens training. This online course takes about an hour and is free. Paying to receive a copy of the certificate is optional, but we need proof of training so you can screenshot the message that says that you passed the course and upload it in the training system when requested. Follow this link to train:   

Pre-requisites: Students must be a licensed beauty or medical professional. This includes estheticians, cosmetologists, laser techs, nail techs, threading specialists, MUA, PMUA, eyelash extension artists, nurses, licensed tattoo artists, and doctors. If you have a question about your credentials, please contact us for help.

Student work submitted for certification.

microblading training workshop

Training kit includes:

  • Real Brows® Step-by-Step Training Manual

  • Professional 30 + person Kit with Real Brows® Carry-all Bag

  • Practice Skin

  • Real Brows® Drawing Tool

  • Real Brows® Special design disposable drawing needles (30 Pack)

  • Real Brows® Regular size Pigment 15 ml: Medium brown, Dark brown, Black brown,

  • Real Brows® Regular size Pigment 10 ml: Warm Up, Tone Correct

  • Disposable Micro Brushes 100 count

  • Disposable Brow Brush/Mascara Wands 25 count

  • Disposable Pigment Cups 30 count

  • Disposable Pigment Cup Holder

  • Numbing Cream (used prior to procedure)

  • Liquid Numb (used during procedure)

  • Water Proof Pencil

Training modules included:

  1. Intro

  2. Structure of the Skin

  3. Face Shapes

  4. Client Consultation

  5. Brow Mapping

  6. Brow Stroke Design Templates

  7. Practice Skin

  8. Preserving the Brow Template

  9. Fitzpatrick Scale

  10. Custom Color Blending

  11. Asian Brow

  12. One Direction Brow

  13. Standard Brow

  14. Final Reminders


You will need the following items to complete the set-up at your business: a large stock of cotton rounds, Q-tips, Sterile Medical Gloves, brow scissors, brow thread or disposable razor, sharpie, tweezers, face mask and a red sharps container.

Certification: Provide 5 before and after photos of your work plus one example on practice skin or paper, and upon one of our master trainer grading your exam, you will be able to download a printable numbered certificate of completion. You will also qualify to submit your details for a listing on the Find a Stylist page of our website. Service prices range from $500 – $900 depending on your area. The average cost per treatment is under $5.00.

Note: It's solely the Student's responsibility to ensure compliance with all national or local jurisdictions' laws relating to the selling or application of products associated with eyebrow microblading (3D embroidery). Company is not responsible or liable for any claims that may arise from use of its techniques, products or services in any State, Country, or Territory.

Ongoing support: Upon completion of the workshop you will be invited to join our online support group. You can post pictures, ask procedure related questions, respond to posts and network with seasoned Real Brows professionals.

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